Need to open in new window instead of tab


I am tracking an company on Instagram and the problem is that I inject a Javascript before the page is loaded locally and it only works when I open the tab in a new window and not in a tab in chrome. I would need to somehow be able to visually display the page / run scripts and I am not able to get this working when running in a tab.

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Hello @zipline1,

Here are some suggestions that could help:

  1. You can go to Settings -> Advanced and select the page where to run. Read detail about how extensions open a new tab while checking for changes Why do browser extensions open a new tab while checking for changes? |
  2. You could also try to increase delay time in config which allows running javascript longer on your monitor. Check out Config and Advanced Options |

If you need help or these steps don’t work, please share more details. We will happy to help you.

Hello @amar1995 ,

I have already set delay to 30 seconds so my Requestly can run all injection before. Now I do not find Settings → Advanced as you show in the link. Where do I go to find this settings? When I press on Settings from Chrome extension I can only see: Sign out, Support, Settings and Billing. When I press Settings I do not find advanced settings.

I can only see: Sign out, Support, Settings and Billing

Click on the setting icon where you see the above-mentioned options. Click on Settings and it will navigate to the settings page. There you will see an Advanced section on the 4th tab.

I added a screenshot for reference.

Note: Need to use distill extensions to see the Advanced option.

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I cannot see the Advanced option. I have tried to logout, and in again, closed the browser (Chrome) and still no Advanced option.

The “Advanced” option is available from Distill’s extension Watchlist.

  1. You can click on Distill icon from the toolbar → Go to Watchlist.
  2. Go to Settings → Advanced.

For chrome extension, it is at chrome-extension://inlikjemeeknofckkjolnjbpehgadgge/ui/inbox.html#/settings/advanced/