Monitor Changes Only During Certain Hours?

Is there a way to monitor changes only during certain hours?

A site I’m tracking does updates every night between 2 and 3am and makes a change for about 15 minutes before changing it back to the previous setting. I don’t need to know about these specific changes, so I’d like to prevent the checks during these times.

Hello @try2cope, paid customers have an option in the browser extensions to configure time slots for checks. It can be configured in Advanced settings page[1].

[1] Need to open in new window instead of tab - #4 by amar1995

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Thanks, however I don’t seem to have the advanced settings options in my account. I signed up for the Starter plan in the app on my phone. Not sure if that makes a difference.

What browser are you using?
But regardless of your browser, you should be operating distill only via the extension, and avoid using the website.
Click on the extension in the top area of your browser, then click on “go to watchlist”, then go to settings and it should show the “advanced” tab. Do not visit distill by logging into website. I avoid using the website at all cost, it once deleted my entire watchlist for no reason.
Distill has the very weird behavior to show you a slightly different layout depending if you visit your watchlist or settings page via your browser directly or the browser extension.

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Thanks much. The Advanced option in Settings showed up yesterday after the 1 week free trial ended. During the free trial the only extras available were SMS and push alert notifications. Now that I’ve been charged, it seems like all of the features are accessible.

Is there an option to enable checks per specific hours per each monitor?

Hello @PlattiJ, this option is only available globally. We support setting up “Crontab” schedule for each monitor. It is only available to Enterprise users right now. We plan to make this available to all paid customers in near future.