Why is website check not working?

So I’m trying to monitor the comments section of this page:

I believe I selected it in the visual selector successfully, and choose to run the checks on Chrome at 5 second intervals.

If I manually trigger it, it just says “Loading” indefinitely.

And otherwise no checks seem to be happening.

I will say that the website has a popup “subscribe to my email newsletter” when it is first fetched; I’m not sure if that’s interfering in any way.

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hi @akilesh, thanks for using Distill and posting here on the community forum.

Can you check what device is set to run this monitor[1]?

It most likely is is a local monitor. In that case, please try using the the extension’s Watchlist to run the checks:

  1. Click Distill icon in the browser toolbar to go to the Watchlist
  2. Select the monitor and check it for changes.

Feel free to reply if you face any issue.


[1] Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor | Distill.io

Well, I was running it under the “Chrome” option, but I didn’t even realize that I had to install an extension. When I installed the Chrome extension, it all worked. Thank you!

One needs to go to the extension’s Watchlist to access the extension’s settings. The steps to go to the is shown here: https://forums.distill.io/t/need-to-open-in-new-window-instead-of-tab/366/4.

Hope this helps!