Setting a Time Slots For Checks

If I set a Time Slots For Checks will it be set for all monitors or can it be for individual monitors?

The time slot setting applies to all monitors running on that device. Here is a related discussion: Time Slots For Checks - Help and Support - Community Forum - Distill

Thanks, that’s what I thought

But I tried to use it for the first time and it did not start checking at 9am as I had set it. When I checked it it had turned itself off so I had to re-select it but it did have the times I set still there.
Actually this is the second time it did this. It got unchecked and it un-selected the days I want it to run twice as well which both times I checked all the weekdays

I see. What were the days that were selected to run the checks before it was reset to None, all or only some of them?

I personally use the following. Will try selecting different days to see if that can help reproduce the bug.

cc @shaun_thayil

Thanks, it did it again last night, I had it set for Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm but it alarmed at midnight so I looked and all the days I selected were blank with no check marks. (reverts to default)
I’m using the FireFox extension.

This is the issues. The Firefox extension has a bug that prevents the custom day setting from being saved. This bug unfortunately makes time slots unusable in Firefox until the next update which could take some time…

I was wondering about that. I see there’s no SAVE button on that page so I might have found a workaround by going to another page in settings (I forgot which one I used) and clicked a save button and now, 5 hrs later, my time slot settings are still as I set them.

Oops . . . but just now when I tried to change the settings to start at 7:22am (for a test) I cannot get the days to stay on so I’ll have to try a few more things to see if I can get it to stick again. When it lost the days the concurrent workers reverted back to the default as well.

Now it’s working again and I did not do it. I gave up and unchecked Enable checks by time slots and closed all my browsers and made coffee and came back and when I ran the monitors I got time out error and it said it was paused so when I checked the Enable checks by time slots it was on and had the days and times I was trying to set. I wont touch anything till I get back home and see if they are running after 9am

Edit: This is really buggy. It turned off the days again by itself . . . I don’t really need it so I’ll just wait for a fix or use the desktop app that’s on a different computer.

I said I gave up on it and unchecked the use of time slots but I was watching a movie and looked and noticed the Distill waterdrop icon was gray so I clicked it and it had that "enable monitoring" in red so I checked and saw I had one monitor turned on so then I checked advanced settings and it was back on again all by itself but with no days selected. I’m going to leave it as is and see what happens at 9am if it start monitoring or not. This is strange behavior.

Thanks for the update. I will recommend disabling the time slots disabled when using Firefox for now.