Time Slots For Checks

Hello, I have a couple of questions on scheduling checks for monitors.

When navigating to “Settings >> Advanced >> Time Slots For Checks”, what is the time zone of the Start & End Time selectors?

Also, does selecting the “Enable checks by time slots” checkbox apply the Start & End Time to every new monitor that is created? Or does something else need to be done when creating a new monitor for the times to apply?

Thank you.

Hello, the time slot for checks is a device specific setting. The setting applies to all monitors that is set to run on the configured device. Two different devices in an account can use two different time slots.

It doesn’t depend on when a monitor was added or configured to run on the device using the time slots.

ok, how would I configure time slots for monitors set to run on Cloud - Distill’s Servers?

I don’t see an Advanced settings section when navigating to:
Distill Web Monitor

Cloud monitors support using “Crontab” schedule. It can be used to schedule checks with a high degree of control.

This feature is currently available to Enterprise customers at this time.