Scheduling checks

Hello how do i set a schedule so that all my checks start say at 7 am to 10pm and not do the checks in the night ?

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Hello @alert.pth, under the extension’s “Settings > Advanced”, paid customers can define a time slot to schedule checks. Click the cog icon in bottom left corner in the Watchlist to access the Settings menu.

I am a paid customer (Starter) and I cannot see Advanced option. Will I need to upgrade to Pro or flexi to have that option ?

You can use time slots in extension even in Starter plan. Checkout to see how to go to advanced settings page. Please note that you need to use the extension’s Watchlist (click Distill icon in browser toolbar > click Go To Watchlist) as shown below:

I cannot see the Advanced option. I have tried to logout, and in again, closed the browser (Chrome) and still no Advanced option.

Added a screenshot to show the steps. Please note that the time slots only affect monitors that run on that extension (we call that a device).

Is this option available on mobile or desktop via website? I can’t see advanced there

@fomo You can access it from the Desktop app or the extension’s Watchlist. Here are the steps to view it from the local Watchlist:

  1. Open the local Watchlist by clicking on Distill’s icon from the browser toolbar → Go to Watchlist
  2. Click on the Gear icon → Settings.
  3. Click on Advanced to see the settings for time slots.

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I would love to be able to schedule individual monitors when setting them up. For example, instead of all monitors being on the same schedule, just schedule checking between 1-3 PM for an individual monitor.

@appchasers At the moment, we offer the Crontab feature which enables you to schedule checks at specific times for individual monitors. However, this feature is currently exclusive to our Enterprise plan.

Would be really helpful to be able to schedule individual monitors for non-enterprise plans.

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Thanks for the feedback @jashsu. We will think about it. Cheers!

How can I set up a timer for the checks? For example, I need the extension to stop checking after 4AM, but I will be sleeping so I cannot manually turn it off. This way I would save my monthly checks because I do not need to monitor the website after that time.

Thank you!

Checkout the reply Scheduling checks - #8 by raksha