Monitor for website which requires login?

I’m trying to monitor a website which requires login. Works fine when I use it at home when my PC is on as it’s already logged in. However i’d like to use to ping through the cloud monitor. When trying to create it wants the log in.

Is it possible to use my own proxy and login to my website, then monitor what I need to from the cloud?
the website is

Hi @dynamicfba, welcome to the community forum.

A macro can be used to login automatically before checking it for changes. Check out Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions – Distill. The video tutorial in the doc should be a good intro to using macro to automate steps in Distill.

Check out the following thread for a related discussion: Using macro to login to a website

Customers in Flexi and higher plans can add their own proxies at and use them for the cloud monitors.

Hope this helps. Cheers!


Thanks for your response. I’ve had a look at this and created a macro to log into the site. Once logged it, it redirects itself to the homescreen. Is it possible to edit the macro to execute the url which was initially specified again after the login has taken place?

I think ive managed to solve it, thank you

Great! How did you fix this, using open function?

Thats correct, I used the open function and inserted the url I need. It seems to work well and im getting pings on my phone. Thanks for your help