Using macro to login to a website

Hello! I’m trying to figure out how to use macros to automatically login to a website where I am monitoring a page. Once logged in, it stays logged in for about 15 min before it logs out automatically due to inactivity. If there is activity, it stays logged in.

So far I’ve set up the macro to enter username and password and click submit. But how do I tell the macro that it’s ok if it can’t find a username/password field (due to the previous session still being active)? Also, is there a way to speed up the macro? When I replay it, it is very slow at each step.

I assume that it is by adding a “if_else” step whereby “if user/pass fields exist, then run this macro, else just check the page per usual without running the macro”? Is this correct?

I cannot find the help docs to describe how to use the “if_else” step, which is in the image below. Anything I type into the field doesn’t seem to get saved after I hit the “Save” button. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi ChromeBeagle,

The “if_else” step is broken as of now. We are fixing it in the next release, which should be out very shortly.

Oh thanks!! If you remember to, could you post to update when it’s out? If you forget no worries, I’ll try to keep an eye out for release updates :smile: I have tried the macro the way it is already but it fails when the site is already logged in, I presume it is because it can’t find the login fields so it doesn’t even bother checking.

What you assumed is correct. Since we don’t check if the page is logged in, the macro waits for the login fields to appear on page and would time out as the elements won’t appear.

Conditions can solve this.


Hello! I just wanted to follow up on this and see if if_else has been fixed, and if there is documentation on how to use it that you can point me to. Thank you!

@chromebeagle this feature was released recently. Please see the announcement at [Feature] Conditions in Macros and feel free to share your feedback!