Macro runtime cap and timeout


I’ve encountered a couple of pain points when adding Distill into my workflow. I was hoping I could get some clarification, advice & submit a feature request.

Firstly some background information on my use case & Distill setup. I’m exclusively using the Windows Desktop App to monitor a large (900+) dynamic product wishlist. Accuracy, consistency & speed are vital for my application. Unfortunately, the site ( doesn’t allow the full wishlist to be loaded via the URL. I therefore use a Macro to click the “Load More” button which makes x8 more products visible, not ideal… This leads me to my first observation/question.

Do Macros have a hard runtime cap of 60 seconds to complete? This has been my experience to date. I seem to have reached a limit regarding the number of steps my macro can complete without experiencing major consistency errors. As such I’m only able to monitor 1/3 of the wishlist actively.

This leads me to my feature request, the addition of a looping function within macros. Currently, I’m having to manually input each click of the “Show More” button into my macro. This process is time-consuming and cumbersome. With a loop feature, I could create a macro scenario that automatically expands or contracts as needed, without requiring manual adjustments for each iteration.

If anyone has any suggestions to speed up or increase the time a macro has to run it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community forum and thanks for sharing your use case.

You should be able to increase timeout time for local monitors. Check Changing Timeout Length - #3 by raksha out.

It is in out roadmap and should tentatively be available by Q2 this year. :slight_smile: