Macro - internal pages

I need to create a monitor using a macro to login, but when i start the rec, the page not loading.

This is a internal page of my company. I cant open to network because it contains a confidential data.

Ask: This feature (macro) allows internal pages? How to use?

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This is a great question @cicerodistill. There are two parts steps to get a macro to work.

  1. Creating a macro: Distill’s visual recorder helps create a macro. This makes it easy for anyone to record a macro and replay the steps later on. Visual recording is currently only supported for pages that can be accessed on the public internet. It is also possible to import macro in JSON format.

  2. Running the macro: It can be run in cloud using Distill’s servers or locally using the browser extensions or the desktop app.

We intend to build a visual recorder that can work locally too. But that is a bit far in the current roadmap.

Will you be able to open it publicly only for a short duration so that steps can be recorded? Once recorded, the site can be made private again.

Alternatively, one of the options can be to the handcraft the macro by recording similar set of steps using a similar site but replacing values URLs and selectors.

Let me know what you think.