Monitor then macro/action? Is it possible or a feature that could be introduced?

We can use Macros to get certain parts of a website checked… but I wondered, is it possible to have a feature that when a webpage is checked, if a change is detected, you could add action to it?

For example, I’m refreshing Amazon, item is out of stock, a refresh is done, item is in stock, I can then add a macro to add the item to the basket, and change quantity to two, and then it’s up to me to react to the alert and checkout.

Hi Steve, Distill supports running a macro as an action, after a change has been detected. Checkout the docs for Macro: Record and Replay Automated Actions – Distill.

An important note that this feature is currently in alpha and only limited number of actions are supported which has not been published publicly yet. Do try it out and feel free to share your thoughts.

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It looks like as I try and set up the macro, the page I’m trying to retrieve is showing a blocked message, assume that I’m a bot. Is there a way around this?

That could be a tricky one. Does is show a captcha a just a blocked message?

As a long term solutions, we are planning to build a macro recorder that can use the local browser instead of the remote browser. That can help with most issues like this and help solve other use cases as well. Checkout

It shows just a blocked message webpage, assuming it’s the source IP that is blocked. I think the local browser is the way forward.