How will the scan time be the shortest

Hello. I would like to receive information about the renewal period. I did 5 seconds. Does it scan every 5 seconds? But I don’t think so because if it was scanning every 5 seconds, I would see it in the auto-opening tabs on the side. It’s like it’s taking turns. What do I need to do exactly for instant scan or scan in a very short time.

Did you mean “schedule interval” by “renewal time”? If yes, check out the log of checks to see when the checks completed. This is controlled by two factors:

  1. Effective check interval is the interval set in schedule plus the time taken load and extract monitored content from the page.

  2. When using the browser extension, there is limit to the number of monitors that can be checked for changes concurrently. When there are multiple monitors are trying to run at the same time, some may need to wait for its turn to be checked.

A solution can be to increase the number of concurrent workers. This configuration is available in the extension’s settings page at “Settings > Advanced”. The default value is 3. Please be careful and responsible when increasing the number of concurrent workers. Alternately, you can perform checks using multiple devices to share the the load.

If you have any other questions, let me know.

Hello. I didn’t see the settings page you mentioned. No advanced settings. There is only the settings section.

Actually, my only goal is to scan as quickly as possible.

Can you answer. I couldn’t find what you said

Sorry, missed your reply. Checkout Advanced Settings nowhere to be found - #2 by ajitk to learn more about it.