Advanced Settings nowhere to be found

I had certain parameters in Advanced Settings that were critical to my use case, and now it appears those parameters have been removed and I can not find Advanced Settings anywhere. Please help as the software is unusable currently and I’m paying $80+ a month. Thank you.

You are most likely using the webapp instead of the extension. Please go to the extension’s Watchlist as shown in Distill web monitor not pulling from webpage - #10 by ajitk. There you can find the advanced settings for the extension.

If you face any issues, feel free to reply.

In recent days the design has changed (it’s improved) but the window that allowed checking in the background (no dynamic content) has disappeared, how can I get this back and continue to receive notifications without the page constantly opening?

Hello @free-opium, are you able to find the advanced settings page for the extension to force checks in background?

I’m having the same problem.

P.S. I’m not an English speaker, so please use simple English.

I’ve looked through all the parameters and I can’t find something like this
User @anonymousdistiller has nicely pinpointed my problem

Hello @anonymousdistiller and @free-opium, these are options to disable JS for a specific monitor. Can you both try updating to version 3.4.9 for Chrome and see if you are able to see the updated options as shown below:

Please note that the Advanced Settings page is found the Distill’s extension’s settings page. It applies to all monitors.


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Resolved an issue where a new tab was opened every time the extension checked for updates.
Thank you for your very prompt response.

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