How to just monitor a website url


In some of the forms that we create, we would attach a screenshot of the source website’s image and link the image to the source website’s url. To ensure that our client is able to access the source website through our form, we would like to be able to monitor the website url to ensure that the url is valid and up to date. We would like to be notified in the event the url stops working. We do not need to monitor any other elements in the website. I’ve tried to create a webpage monitor and did not select any element but I would still receive notifications from Distill. What would be the best way to track a website url?

Thank you.

Hello @smokeballaulp, thanks for reaching out and sharing your use case.

Do you need to monitor a URL to see if the request to load the URL succeeds? If yes, one of the ways to do that it to monitor the URL’s uptime. Checkout Alert for inaccessible site - #2 by ajitk for a related post. It will detect and alert on errors encountered when monitoring the URL.

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Hi @ajitk

I’ll give this a go, thank you.