Alert for inaccessible site

Hello, I’m looking to monitor/be alerted when an unreachable site becomes reachable. At the moment the monitor history is empty because it’s classed as having not run successfully, with the error log showing continued failed attempts at reaching the site (expected behaviour). I would like to receive an alert when/if it successfully reaches the site (e.g. if an unreachable URL is stood up so that it becomes accessible). Is this possible to configure in Distill? Currently I’m thinking if the monitored site did become available this would be classed as the baseline (no alert) then any further changes from there would trigger alert?

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Hello @cndosim, welcome to the community forum!

Distill supports uptime monitoring of websites. It can be used to track when a site comes online. Checkout

Try it out and let me know if you need any help using it. Thanks!