Facebook Sales group

Im in a facebook group where everytime there’s a sale going on, they make a post about it. What i do is that in the group, i got to the search bar and type #sale and filter it by “most recent” problem is that when i put this into distill it keeps alerting me that there’s a new post when there isn’t.

Anyone know how to setup distil so it could alert me everytime someone makes a new post?

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Couple of quick questions to help understand the current setup:

  1. What part of the page are you currently monitoring?
  2. What changes do you see in highlighted changes? Change history and highlighted changes – Distill

https:// www.facebook . com/groups/1527275480936152/search?q=%23sale

I cant send you the exact link that I’m use because since its a private group, it wont work on your computer, but I’m sure that it’ll work fine if you just test it out with any facebook group.

Anyways what I’m doing is that i go into a group and type # sale in the facebook group search bar and the sort it by “most recent”. Thats the page that I’m currently monitoring.

For example, this. I think its just people editing their posts, which is why distill marks it as a “change” and proceeds to alert me. But i don’t want to be notified when a person makes an edit. want to be notified when a person makes an ew post.

Can you check if solution in the following post is close to what you need? HELP: Facebook Marketplace ever-changing CSS class names

its close but not really, since thats facebook marketplace, I’m looking for regular facebook posts for a group.

from what i read, the issue is that facebook puts random class names and they change often so that’s why they cant be tracked properly.

For in marketplace, apartantly aria-label=“Collection of Marketplace items” works as a fixed class to track.

but since this isn’t facebook marketplace it wont work there.

how can i find a fixed class like how he did to solve his issue?

I was able to access a page that didn’t require me to login and figured out a good selector that works well for that page. The main thing to look for in the page is an identifier that is less likely to change. Distill usually tries to do that automatically but could not work well when there are very good identifiers in the page.

Can you save the sales group page’s HTML and share that? I can check that out for you.

How can i send the html file? its very long so it doesn’t let me send it via text and i cant sendfiles lol

https://www.file.io/ works really well.