Checking availability for the US visa appointment

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I plan to use Distill to check the earliest availability for the US visa appointment, but when I choose to track the date of appointment. The checklog said NA and selection empty. Please help me

@surya Any insights into how to track availability of US visa appointments?

@hai0210 - Thank you for reaching out to us regarding tracking of US visa appointments.

For you to be able to check US visa appointments, you’ll need to login to the website and subsequently track the available dates.

To perform multi-step actions & subsequently track elements on a page, you’ll need to use Macros in Distill.

Please find hereby attached a sample macro which can help track US Visa appointments.

I request you to follow the below steps:

  1. Import the macro into your Distill account.
  2. Once the macro is imported, click on Open Recorder
  3. Edit the steps shown in the below screenshot to save your credentials (corresponding to the US Visa website).
  4. Save the Macro & try running it.

Once the macro is set, setup a Distill monitor starting from the sign-in page, to run the macro & subsequently select the dates you want to monitor. For the Distill monitor, I’d recommend a frequency of ~3hrs.

Hope this helps. Please let us know, if you face any challenges.

us_visa_template.json (6.4 KB)

dear all
i need your help, i need to get USA appointment in Baghdad, but I can’t get it. please any one can help me to get a method the notified me when the appointment was opened.

best regards

Hi @gallaly1

May I kindly request you to visit our blog on Monitoring US visa appointments
This should help you with the required steps to help setup the monitor to find visa appointments.
Please let us know, if you face any issues.

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thanks surya for your replay, but it not help.

Hi @gallaly1

May I kindly understand the exact challenge you are facing?
We’ll be able to guide you much better, if you can pinpoint the problem.
The article is fairly detailed with all the steps required for you to setup the monitors/macros.
Did you attempt to try using the macro?


Hello, I tried using ui-datepicker-unselectable to get an available slot on a website. I realized that this selector is only for UK visas, and the video says to click left and inspect website, but I’m not sure how to detect the selector dates I need.

Hi @vanessadiiiaz

Firstly, welcome to Distill’s forums.
As you correctly pointed out, the sample selectors in the video/blog are highlighted for the US Visa appointments to be setup from UK.
I’ll send you a DM to understand the specific challenges you are facing & hopefully we can find a solution together.


@giorgi1 Macro is available in the Starter plan and above.

Can you share a screenshot?

@giorgi1 there are different kinds of JSON files. One is for the macro. Other could be for the monitor or config.

Did you get the error when importing the macro’s JSON file?

I need to submission visa file at VFS global but there are not available slot. So How to monitor slots is available.

@jhakri we have a guide written for monitoring visa appointments. Check the following article out:

Can you check it out and see if it helps?