Can Distill detect updates/changes in multi page websites?

I’m trying to detect changes/updates to forms uploaded by authorities in their websites. In some websites, the forms may span across multiple pages. If a form in say page 2 is update, will Distill be able to detect the change and inform me about it?

Hi @scsb

Firstly, welcome to Distill’s forums!
Yes, this should be feasible.

There are usually 2 different scenarios:

  1. If the 2nd page of the form has a unique URL, you can add it simply as a new monitor in your watchlist
  2. In the scenario that this is not the case i.e. the URL remains the same upon navigating to the page, then you can use Macros to record the steps required to reach the page & subsequently monitor the changes to the page.

Please feel free to reach out to us, if you have any additional questions.

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Thank you @surya, I shall give that a go.

Meanwhile, I’ve thought of another question which I hope you can help me with.

If the form names stated on the website remains unchanged after it is updated in the background by the authorities and there are no date of update indicated on the website, will Distill be able to detect that changes has been made to the particular form? In other words, can Distill detect changes that are not visible on the website.

Hi @scsb

Distill’s tracking is not restricted to just the text content. For instance, we can track changes to attributes like href.

Is this helpful? If not, can you elaborate more on the exact problem that you are trying to address.

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Thank you @surya

I’ve tried to create a macro earlier but was unable to do so as there was an error msg stating “Upgrade account to create and use macros in cloud”.

Can you please confirm whether the macro feature is only available to paying users?

Hi @scsb

Yes, macros are currently available to our paying customers. You can find all our plans here.