Action Macro Usage Limited

Hi I find the Macro Action has been disabled as maximum usage achieved, it didnt mention how many times can be used in the plan also it cant be found in the Learn More. It is frustrating to see the Macro action has limitation as I only bought the plan for this feature. Could you please advise more details about the limitation?

Hi John, thanks for trying out Macro Actions. We released this power feature recently after a number of requests from our customers. We have not published this in pricing page yet as it is currently undergoing public beta testing and undergoing rapid iterations.

Note that Macro Actions are built to address use cases like Run Macro when "Out of Stock" is Detected or getting hard to book events. These use case require fewer number of actions in personal use cases. Businesses may need more actions when they have multiple items to track.

Can you share your use case for macro actions? I will love to understand how your problem can be solved.


THanks Ajitk, I use this Macro feature to book ticket for FIFA2023 World Cup matches in resale platform, I can see tickets are being sold by other fans from time to time on the website but due to high demand when I tried to select the ticket and proceed to buy, it shows not available as it was taken by other buyers, therefore I decided to build the macro to auto select the ticket for me and proceed to buy page, however after the first 20 macro I have used, I still not able to get a ticket. I personally manually try to refresh and click the buying process more than 100 times in last two days. So I feel it is quite difficult to land a ticket manually. Could you please advise if there is anyway the limit can removed, as the match is on Sunday, the limitation can be reverted it back after that as I only need the Macro feature currently to buy the ticket.

@johnshen55 - please send an email to to accommodate special requests.