Run Macro when "Out of Stock" is Detected

I am trying to automate clicking “Add to Cart”, once an item comes into stock.

I have two issues:

  1. I can not configure a macro to click a button for an out of stock item, because “Add to Cart” never appears on the website, unless the item is in stock. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do define what element is clicked when creating a macro. Is is possible to edit an action and replace the text in an element with what is expected?
  2. Macros seem to be to prepare a website for monitoring, but I would like to run the macro when the alert triggers. Is there a way to make running a macro an “Action”?

These two things would allow me to automatically add an item to my cart, once it comes into stock.

Thank you!

Hello @jessedabill, welcome to the community forum and thanks for your post!

Macros are currently only supported in cloud monitors because it is easier to record and automate the actions there. The good news is that we are currently working on supporting macros in browser extension too. This will also enable Distill to use the browser to run macros as actions (this is the most common scenario so far).

What will be your preferred way to run macro actions - in cloud or locally using the extension?


That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see that feature released.

I would prefer to run the macro locally, because the required frequency of checking stock needs to be very high. That would solve half of the issue.

What about the second part? Will it be possible to manually edit a macro to take an action on expected text that doesn’t already appear on the website?

Thanks again!

Yes, editing and adding custom steps are already supported.

Awesome! I couldn’t find how to edit and add custom macro steps in the documentation. Can you share how I would do that?

It can be edited using the overflow menu:

Looks like I am missing that option:


Thanks! The extensions lag a bit. Because this feature was added very recently, it is only available at Can you try using that? The extensions should get updated version in about 2 weeks.

Absolutely outstanding! I found it; thank you so much.

Once macros are fully supported in browsers, and can be executed as actions, this will work perfectly for my use case.

Thanks again for the replies!

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