Wrong links on the download page

Please note that in the download page,

this item: MacOS x64 (Intel) [DMG Setup File]
has this wrong link: (https://utils.distill.io/electron/download/beta/darwin/arm64/latest)

and viceversa:

this item: MacOS arm64 (Apple Silicon) [DMG Setup File]
has this wrong link:(https://utils.distill.io/electron/download/beta/darwin/x64/latest)

you are welcome.


cc @jayakrishnan @pallavJha

Thank you @luchazo for pointing this out.
We have updated the links to download the correct setup files.

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No problem @jayakrishnan
In fact that should have prevented som/lot of people from using the desktop app in Mac, as it will show a message stating that the app is invalid or something, as it happened to me for a few days.
And I noticed the error my chance.