Will I be notified if a link is added to the monitored text?

I’m monitoring a website to see when they add a link to the monitored page. The page already has the text where the link will eventually be, but it currently is just normal text (no link). If I select that text as what I want monitored, will I be notified once a link is added (even though the text itself won’t change)? If not, is there a way to set it up so that it will?

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If I understand correctly, the change is expected to happen in the selected element’s HTML and not the text content. It is possible to get notified of changes in HTML by monitoring changes to the selected element’s outerHTML property. Checkout the following article for learn more about the configuration option in Visual Selector: https://distill.io/docs/web-monitor/what-is-visual-selector/#how-to-monitor-attribute-and-property-value-for-the-selected-element

Let me know if you need help. Feel free to share the page’s URL so that I can share a config that can monitor the changes for you. Cheers!

Thanks! The URL is below. The part I’m trying to monitor is where it says “Race Assignments” under the 2023 7th & 8th Grade Invitational section. Right now it’s normal text, but it will eventually link to the race assignments once they have those completed.


Never mind, they just posted the assignments. Thanks again for the offer, though!

Cool. Following screenshot shows how to monitor the outerHTML property to capture changes to the links: