Why are the selected elements not visible in the monitor?


I have set up a web monitor to monitor updates to certain forms. To expand the tab that holds the forms in the webpage, I’ve created a macro and added the macro to the monitor. I have selected 29 forms and opted to monitor their href attribute too. However after the monitor is saved, I noticed that the selected elements are not visible in the monitor.
Can you please advise why aren’t the selected elements shown in the monitor and whether the forms are actually monitored?

Do you observe the missing selectors for all URLs or for just this or similar ones? Thanks!

Hi @ajitk, I’m not sure if I understand your question clearly but essentially B1, A3, A2 etc are the form numbers in the website and I’ve opted to monitor the href of those forms. Normally, if we save a monitor and return to edit it, we can see the number of elements that have been selected but in this monitor, I am unable to view the selected elements.

Please refer my screenshot below for more details:

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Thanks for sharing more info with screenshots. This is exactly what I needed. We have deployed an update which should fix this.

Can you try to open the visual selector again for the original monitor and see if you are able to view the selections? Thanks!

Hi @ajitk

Thanks for your reply.

I can now see the selections.

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