Website product notification


Can you please tell me how to get notification for products on a website. For example I’m looking to find out when this website gets a new product uploaded

How can I do this as this app would be incredibly useful if I can get this working for new product alerts.


@bakedeadhead You can select the parts of the page where the list of items show up. You can start with a small selection on the page, like a single list item, and then expand the selection so that it selects the full list of items.

Check out to see more on how to expand and narrow the selection.

@bakedeadhead If you want to monitor the first page only, then you can follow my previous reply.

If you want to monitor the website when a product is added anywhere on any page, then you can use the sitemap monitor. Each product has a unique link on the website. So, when Distill crawls the website and finds a new link, it will alert you. Here is the help article for adding a sitemap monitor: Monitoring Sitemap for a Website Using a Crawler – Distill

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