Website changes content depending on geolocation of Distill instance (

Hello ajitk or whomever!

I’m using Distill to give a quicker response time for an item listed for sale on

More static sites have been working great, however dynamic queries seem to be a problem and show immediate changes depending on the Distill agent.

For example, a query like

Returns the following-

But if I focus on the

  • XX Results
  • the title of the listing
  • or the price

I get erroneous changes listed when the next ping occurs because even though there have been no updates to the latest listing, the page resizes, the currency changes (differently geolocated?) or the tables are ever so slightly off from the last check.

Any tips? It seems like this is more text and not visually checked as it doesn’t scan through the image once rendered, but perhaps I’m missing something useful.


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I don’t mind trying with How can I monitor password protected webpages? if needs be, but I would prefer to avoid local browser extensions if I can rely on the cloud solution first, so good to know what is and is not possible with that.

Hi illumina,

We checked the url and saw the same issue that you are having.
This is occurring because of data we are getting while running the monitor is from another geolocation on the cloud. The default shared proxies pool is geolocated in the US but some sites use an IP database that can resolve to a different location.

There are two solutions to fix this:

Let me know if you need any help. Thanks for using Distill!