Webpages are not syncing automatic between devices

Webpages I add to distill are no longer showing up on my remote device/computer. They all appear on distill.io but not locally on the device. I must click on the Sync button to sync them.

I can’t start any monitoring to a remote device from distill.io or other devices. They are not syncing automatic.

It has synced automatic before. I have tried switch between Firefox and Chrome but same problem.

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Hello @Edvision, welcome to the community forum and reporting the issue. Can you please check if restarting the browser that is not syncing data helps here? We will look into our servers to see if we can track it down too.


Yes. I have tried restarted the browser and also the computer. No difference.

I have also deleted all old webpages/urls(also trash urls). I add a lots of new urls daily.

Everything work fine again! Thanks.

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Great, thanks for the update! We received a higher than usual traffic this week. This caused a component of sync service to become a bottleneck. We scaled up the sync service yesterday to handle the traffic and are monitoring them. Things look good and stable.

Thank you for your help by reporting and updating us on the issue! If you face any issue, feel free to let us know and post them here.