Webpage selector ignore constantly changing area


I’m trying to use webpage selector to monitor changes to a page but I need to ignore a constantly changing area, otherwise I get alerted when that changes.

How do I do that?

Is it possible to first select the whole page, then deselect the area I don’t want monitored? I’ve tried to do that and am not doing very well.

The reason I want to do that is that I want to monitor for something new to appear on the page, while ignoring the frequently changing area, whose position is fixed.


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It makes sense to exclude parts of page that we are not interested in. Checkout the following article to see how and let me know if you have any questions:


I should have mentioned that I had already read that page. I’m still having problems deselecting the changing areas. I wonder if there’s a way to select the changing area using its HTML tag?

I think I’m making a bit of headway now. After using the webpage selector, is there a visual way to confirm what you’ve selected or deselected?

The visual selector shows the deselected elements in red boxes. The text preview should show a preview of the monitored content. Do these two not help?