Webpage behind "cookie policy" pop-up banner

Hi, I am new to Distill and I am trying to add a simple condition on a webpage to test and start to learn. However, when I try to add url in the Monitor/Watchlist, Distill displays the page as it should but on the url page there’s a Cookie Policy pop-up banner asking me to accept or reject the site cookie policy which means that I stuck on that banner in embedded webpage I cannot pass it which prohibids me to a condition on specific field of that page which is behind the banner. The page is London Air Quality Index (AQI) and United Kingdom Air Pollution | IQAir. If I could get some guidance I would very much appreciate it.

I’m just learning myself but once you make your selection on the cookie prompt it should not pop up the next time unless you always clear cookies. In that case you need an exception in your browser to not clear that cookie(?)
When I went to that page I got the pop-up but when I went a second time I did not get the pop-up.

I use chrome and created a new profile without any extenstions and no possibility to clear the cookies and followed what you said: 1) I go on the page: London Air Quality Index (AQI) and United Kingdom Air Pollution | IQAir. 2) I accept the cookie 3) On another tab, I go to Distill Web Monitor and I select “Add Monitor” and choose “Webpage” and as soon as I click on the main temparture field box, the cookie policy banner appears on top again and I can’t select anything anymore as the banner is on top and the webpage is behind it

Well, I thought I would give it a shot but I’m using FireFox on a Windows Desktop computer and I don’t get the banner so I can select the temperature box without issue. Are you using the desktop app, or the chrome extension to do this. I’m using the FireFox extension but I do have the desktop app on a different computer.

If I had Chrome I would give it a try with that but I don’t.

Also . . . Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox all include built-in settings for automatically deleting cookies so you might want to check those settings

Did you read this article . . .

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Did it on FF and it worked. Thanks

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