Web monitor does not update

I last used Distill in late September 2023. I want to start using it again to monitor the exact same page. However, it is not checking or updating it - I have the chime on so not getting that at all nor any of the recent changes. Not sure what I’m doing wrong? It’s quite urgent as I want to do the new work as soon as it appears. Thank you!

In general, following set of steps lead to an alert:

  1. A check happens. Confirm that they are happening correctly by checkout out the log of checks.
  2. If no error was detected, Distill should detect changes. Check the change history. To learn more about change history, please see Change history and highlighted changes – Distill.
  3. If Distill is able to detect changes, you should get alerts for actions configured in the monitor’s options. Arriving at this step is crucial to get alerts.
  4. If conditions have been added, alerts will trigger only if the conditions match.

Can you check the log out and see if the monitor is being checked for changes?