Visa Appointment Monitor Turkey Issue

Hi there,

I followed the steps in the tutorial from the Distill Blog: Monitoring availability of US visa appointment dates using Distill – Distill and followed the video.

I created the macros and checked the Replay -

  • Go To Website
  • Type in Username
  • Type in the Password
  • Check agreement Box
  • Click Continue
  • Click Reschedule Appointment
  • Click Reschedule Appointment Button
  • Turned on Visual Selector
  • Highlighted the section that says, “There are no available appointments at the selected location. Please try again later.”
  • Saved the monitor and set the interval for 4 hours with a push notification, SMS, and e-mail

I hit save and did a 4-hour interval. I kept this running, and when an appointment slot did open on Tuesday (someone notified me), I ran a “Check for Changes,” but I didn’t receive any alerts. I double-checked the website manually, and “There are no available appointments at the selected location. Please try again later.” it was no longer there, so Distil Monitor should have alerted me because the visual selector areas were changed (a drop-down was added, and text was removed).

Any help/support would be appreciated :smiley:

Hi @kjhelpme

Thank you for reaching out.

It is possible that the appointment was already gone by the time you ran the ‘check for changes’.
That said, I’d like to understand the issue better.
May I request you to schedule a call at your convenience for us to connect & help you out with the best solution.


Hi @kjhelpme

As discussed during our conversation, the appointment slot most likely was taken by the time the check was done the next time around.
Furthermore, if you remove the ‘deselected’ areas within your configuration, you should be able to see all the text changes within the selected areas.
Please feel free to reach out, if you have any further questions.