Unread alerts are not signaled anymore

I used to have a figure showing the number of unread alerts next to the blue drop sign but now there is no alert anymore when there is new content on the websites monitored and the new unread items do not appear in bold caracters anymore when I go to the watchlist either.
So, I am not alerted by the blue drop sign and I cannot see what is new (unread) in the watchlist.
Does anyone know how to make unread alert come back please?
Thanks for any help

Hi @sophie75, sorry to hear about the issue! Can you please check to see if one of the following is true?

  1. Are the monitors able to record changes in change history?
  2. If yes, does the monitor have a condition? Condition can prevent alerts from being triggered and keeps a monitor in read state even after a change is detected.

Let me know what you find out. Thanks!

hi Ajitk
thanks for your help. I didn’t really understand what you meant but I searched the settings to find out and found what was wrong and now it’s working again. So: thanks for your help!

Great to know that the problem was resolved. How did you solve it?

I was referring to conditions. When a condition is not true, the actions are not triggered and the monitors stay read.

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Hi I went to Settings/Devices and saw that I had set it to Google Chrome twice (in 2019 and in 2021, pbbly when I changed the computer), I deleted the oldest

Got it, thanks for the update! It appears that you needed to change the device to current device to run the checks again.