Unable to view monitored elements

Hi, many elements that were previously monitored in one of my website monitors have been deleted despite the form still being available in the website. I would like to re-select those deleted elements.

However when I tried to load the monitor, I am unable to view the elements that are currently monitored i.e. Form 3, Form 55, Form 6 etc (refer screenshot) and the number of monitored elements (55) does not seem to be accurate as based on the latest change history, only 20 elements remain monitored. This makes it hard for me to visually identify the elements that are currently monitored and elements that I need to re-select.

Can you please advise how can i view the elements that are currently monitored?

Thank you.

From what I understand, elements were previously being monitored in the page indicated by 55 selectors. But they aren’t being monitored anymore because the selectors do not match any of them right now.

One of the common reasons is that the pages change the elements’ layout or identifiers in the page. As a result, old selector can’t identify them. I verified by going to https://www.qcat.qld.gov.au/applications/forms#a100964 and looking for p:nth-child(246) a. But couldn’t find any. That confirms that the page’s layout has most likely changed.

In order to find out the list of all links that were monitored in the past, check the monitor’s change history. Older versions saved in the change history will show elements that were being monitored.

In order to monitor those elements again, the elements will have to be selected once again. Making 55 selections is a lot of work. I am wondering if there is a pattern that can be used to select all of those using a single selector. If there any pattern to the monitored links or are they chosen very specifically?

Hi @ajitk

Thanks for your reply. The names of the forms are very different so it would be a challenge to establish a pattern. We have re-selected the elements and can now view the selected elements when in edit mode.

Got it, thanks for sharing the update.