Unable to locate monitor easily using full monitor name


I’ve set up many Distill Monitors and recorded the names of each monitor in a separate document. When I copy and paste the name of the monitor into the Watchlist search bar e.g. NSW Currency Check > CUI > Conveyancing Details and Workflows, the result would say “No monitor found”. However if I were to type a few keywords from the monitor name, I would be able to locate the monitor. Can you please advise why is that the case?

The query entered in the search box is used to find all monitor’s whose name contains the query. If the exact name is entered, it will find the monitor.

Sometimes documents editors can automatically change certain characters that can cause differences. Can you check if there is a subtle difference between the monitor’s name and the name saved in the external document?

Hi @ajitk

I have copied the name directly from Distill when I created the monitor and pasted it in the document, then copied the name from the document and searched on Distill. There are no visible difference in the name. of the monitor.

Found it. It is because of and in the name. In your case, if you search, NSW Currency Check > CUI > Conveyancing Details, it will work. But as soon as and Workflows is included in the search phrase it won’t work. We will fix this and push an update soon.