Trigger alert when Amazon Price falls below a threshold

Hi, how can I write a price condition on Amazon as I can only get $ with the nunber for instance $25 instead of 25 and as it is not a pure number I cannot get a price trigger for let’s say $20, so somehow I need to write a condition excluding the $ to only focus on the number side? Many thanks

Hello @hktair, Distill will automatically read numbers in the monitored text. There is no need to manually remove the $ symbol. Can you try using Text has number less than 20 to get an alert when price falls below $20?

Hi, this is what I tried to do at the begining but I am getting an error message when the Monitor does the check. I am not sure how I can debug it without telling what the error is. So what I did, I chose the field and I create monitor and I can. see the price of the item $25. I used exactly what you suggested, there is no error when i input the condition, the error appears when the field is doing at the first interval. So I am not sure how to interpret that. I am using local monitor directly on my chrome chrome browser.

Conditions are used after a change has been detected and saved in a monitor’s change history. Did the monitor encounter errors when checked for changes instead?