Trigger Alert only when content is ADDED?

I am monitoring a page that will have posts added and removed. Right now, I will get an alert when a post is added or removed. I am not concerned with posts being removed and I am getting spammed with notifications because of this.

Is it possible to setup a monitor that will only alert you when a content change has added new content?

Will Added text is not empty condition help? Check out the following article for some common use cases:

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion!

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This fixed a majority of my alerts. Thanks again for this!

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Summary: if the setting is to not show deleted content, then there should not be a notification email if the only change is removal without any addition.


  1. Go to settings > Actions Distill Web Monitor

  2. for “Deleted content layout” select “None - Deleted content not shown”

  3. wait for a monitor to update where the only change is a deletion (there is no addition)

Current behaviour: a notification email is sent that does not show any changes

Expected behaviour: no notification email is sent at all. a notification email should only be sent when there is new/added/modified content - i.e. not solely deletion

This is the way to go @glootbox. You can also try net added text is not empty in case items in a list move around and change positions.

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ah, learned a new function, thanks!


Where do I specify that I only want to be alerted for new line items and not the ones that have been removed.

Thank you

Using added text is not empty condition is the way to go.