Tracking train availability

Hi, Please refer to this video for creating recorder for your specific case

  1. Add the departure city, arrival city and date in macro as shown in video.
  2. Add conditions to the monitor, in Edit Options to get notifications only when the conditions are satisfied.
    1. Add a condition to check if added text has the text “Afrosiyob”
    2. Add a compound condition where the condition becomes true when any one of it’s inner conditions is true.
      1. Added text has “07:28”.
      2. Added text has “08:00”.
      3. Added text has “08:23”.

Thanks for the detailed video; I created a macro based on your video. But I have not received any notification even there’s train availability


Are you getting u getting data in monitor without error ?

If you are getting data in monitor but not getting notification. Either your conditions are incorrect or you haven’t added notification as an action for that particular monitor. Can you share a screenshot of your Edit-options page ?

There’s no error in the macro; it’s not sending notifications.

In general, following set of steps lead to an alert:

  1. A check happens.
  2. If the check errors out, new changes will never be detected. Check if the monitor encountered errors. See: How to view logs of checks? | Distill
  3. If no error was detected, Distill will detect changes. Check the change history. To learn more about change history, please see Change history and highlighted changes | Distill
  4. If Distill is able to detect changes, you should get alerts for actions configured in the monitor’s options. Arriving at this step is crucial to get alerts.
  5. If you have added conditions, alerts will trigger only if the conditions match.

As a test, remove all conditions and see if you get alerts. If there are global conditions, remove them too.

Let us know what you observe. Please share screenshots as well so that we have an understanding of the root cause. Without that, it becomes tricky to understand what the issue could be. Thanks!

Adding a macro to the monitor part is not working on my side.

Element selection screen of mine is totally different than yours. when selection page to monitor, it;s not showing macro

You need to use the webapp to record macros. Checkout Local Monitor vs. Cloud Monitor | Distill to learn more about differences between the apps.

Go to the webapp at to start recording macros.

Once you have recorded a macro, you can use that macro in a monitor using the webapp’s visual selector like @cobramonk showed.