Tracking jobs orders

Hello we get orders from our suppliers, when there is an order it shows in everyones(competitors) portal that there is available job, this is very crucial as who ever see the notification on the portal they will select the job.
So i want to know how can I setup properly so i get notification before others see.

Hello @melissadxb, thanks for reaching out. I am assuming that you need to login to a dashboard to track new orders. The easiest and fastest way to monitor the portal will be to either use Distill’s browser extension or the desktop app. Try that out and let me know if you need any help.

@ajitk Mobile app seems interesting, I have downloaded the app, Will check how it works. My question is I am currently monitoring one website, do I need any paid subscription? If so which one is better for my needs.

A subscription is not needed if monitoring the page locally works.

The primary use of the mobile app is to get notifications and view updates when not at the computer. This works well with local monitors where you need to stay on top of changes while on the move. Note that notifications on the mobile app is available in paid subscription.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or need any help. Cheers!

I am using the paid subscription now, its working nicely.
I want to ask if its possible to monitor a mobile app just like the website?

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Interesting question. :slight_smile:

Distill doesn’t track changes to mobile apps. Does the app show additional data that is not shown in the web page?