Tracking cheapest prices online help?

There’s a website called Discogs that is a vinyl record marketplace. I’m trying to use Distill to track the lowest prices of a certain condition from a certain year for lots of records, and I just want some answers regarding if I’m setting this up right and if it will work as intended.

I guess my question is just if I’m doing this right. Is it tracking the first three positions on the cheapest list? Or is it just tracking the prices of those specific listings, whose prices never change? Cause what’s the point of tracking those three items if Distill won’t let me know if a new listing came in that’s cheaper than those three I’m tracking… does that make sense? Thank you all for the help!

(I put email notifications on and did Text, has number less than, $x amount for the condition btw)

Hello @lex23unwin, welcome to the community forum. Thanks for explanation about your use case.

Distill is able to monitor very specific parts of pages using selectors. When using the visual selector, Distill auto generates the selector. You can see them in the visual selector panel at the bottom of the page.

When selecting elements in a list, the usual strategy to generate the selector is to select the elements based on their position (index) in the list. In those cases, your configuration should work the way you want it to. If it doesn’t do that, you can share the monitor’s config. I can check that out and let you know if a change is required.