Track url locally in incognito window

I need to track several URLs of banking entities in Spain which, if they detect that you are a customer, show one content, and if they detect that you are not, they show another.

I am interested in the content of the non-client, but I do not want to lose my login and access, so the perfect solution would be to track the URLs in an incognito window.

Furthermore, I have tried in the cloud, but I do not have a proxy, and it does not track it as if it were in Spain.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the use case. The browser extensions can’t run checks in an incognito window. There are two solutions:

  1. Using a different browser for checks. For example, you can create a new browser profile to install Distill and run the checks using the new browser profile.
  2. Could monitoring with a proxy should work too. If you need access to a geotargeted proxy, we multiple locations in the Enterprise plan.