Предоставление услуг

Здравствуйте! Не могу записаться в консульство Словакии, т.к. запись выкладывают непредсказуемо и время разбирают в течении 5 минут. Пытаюсь установить с помощью Вашей программы звоночек. Но никак не получается выдаёт ошибку. Страница не динамичная надо обновлять, но при обновлении выкидывает в начало.
Не знаю что делать, может вы предоставляете платные услуги? У самой меня к сожалению не получается справиться. Спасибо.

Hello @kislorod4, welcome to the community forum!

Are you trying to use the browser extension to monitor the page? What error is the monitor encountering when being checked for changes?

Здравствуйте, куда можно скинуть запись моих действий по установке макросов?

You can upload the recording (youtube, veed or gdrive) and share the link here.

Hi. I cant upload the recording here. The recordins format is avi.

Can paste a link to the video here?

i just want to know, is it possible to make macros for this site?

Hi @kislorod4,

I just looked into the video.
May I understand why you are not recording the initial steps & deleting them out (like wait_doc & also the login credentials step)?
Those are required for the macro to function properly.

If those steps are deleted from the macro, then there is no way it can run as it will skip steps & break. I suggest you try it by recording all the steps & then run the check.

Please let us know, if you still face issues.

Best regards,

The error message says that the a click step failed because it could not find the element to be clicked. When you click “View Details” link, it should show a snapshot of the page when this error occurred. Can you please share a screenshot of that page and see if that looks correct?

Hi. The Sound is not working. What can i do?

Please watch this video. I can not figure out what i am doing wrong?

Hi @kislorod4

Can you please grant me access to the file on your drive? I have already sent a request.
I’ll take a look at the video and come back to you on how we can help.