Too many Chrome notifications when I come back on my computer


I installed the Chrome extention yesterday and I like it! Really easy to use. Nice!

I enabled the Chrome notification. When I leave my computer, it’s still running in background and the screen turns off.
Later when I come back, I receive all the notifications one by one, “at the same time”. I mean, I receive Chrome notification #1, I click “Marked as read”, then 1-2 seconds later I receive the notification #2, etc. If there were 10-20 changes on the webpage during my absence, I spend ~1 minute to see each notification.

Is there any way to change how the Chrome notifications are displayed ?
I would like that Chrome shows the notifications even if I’m not on the computer. Because it isn’t necessary for me to see the notifications 1 hour later, it’s too late.
Or is there any way to configure to display only the most recent notification ?
Or is there any way to “abort” all the queue of notifications ?

Thank you!

Thanks for sharing the feedback @coni128.

The way notification messages are displayed depends on the OS. In my case, while I am away and haven’t interacted with any of the popup notifications, Windows will collect and show all notifications in the notification center as shown below:

Clicking “clear all” clears all notifications. Clicking the cross button for Distill’s notifications, remove all of Distill generated notifications.

If you would like to explicitly disable popup notifications, it can be done under the extension’s “Settings (cog icon in bottom left corner) > Actions”.

Hi. Thank you for the reply.

I use Windows 10 and Chrome. I see on your screenshot “via Microsoft Edge”. I don’t understand, I tought Distill was only available for Chrome, Opera and Firefox… ?

Here how it looks like with Chrome

Or are you using the Desktop application ?

Distill is available for Edge too: Distill Web Monitor - Microsoft Edge Addons

Thank you. I didn’t see correctly.
Ok so I will probly use Edge.

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