Text condition not working in selected website monitor

I am trying to monitor this for US Visa Appointment and tried many conditions just to test like:
added text has 2024
text has 2024
previous text has 2024
as you can see the image the text clearly has 2024 in it but the only notifications I get is for the changes like if it has changed from the last tracking.
I don’t want to have notifications for the changes I want to have notification if the specific text is there.
I have tried the conditions for "no appointments available text as well.
and I am using “any” conditions.
Any lead or help would be highly appreciated.

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@ak177 thanks for reaching out and welcome to the community forum!

Adding some context about how conditions are used in Distill:

  1. When a change is detected by a montior, that change is automatically recorded in change history. The condition does not prevent that from happening.

  2. After a change has been recorded, conditons (if present) are used to decide if actions need to be triggered.

  3. When conditions are evaluated, the “text” content’s diff is used for evaluations. In order to do that, go to your Watchlist at monitor.distill.io, go to the monitor’s change history. Default diff mode if “Visual”. Change it to “Text”.

Now, back to your case for monitoring availability.

  1. Can you please share screenshots of the change history displayed using text mode so show the kind of changes that are happening?
  2. The specific cases, when you would like to get notified?

If the text always contains 2024 (as displayed in the screenshot), the conditions will always be true and trigger an alert.

As a test, can you only try using Added text has 2024 and see how that works? This is assuming that you wish to get notified whenever an appointment in 2024 becomes available.

Hi @ak177, from what I see, adding the following condition should be sufficient:

Added text has: 2024

Change history will keep on saving all changes but the will alert only when 2024 appears in the text.

hey Nona, how are you doing? please i would like to ask some questions if you don’t mind