Suppressing alerts for flip flopping text

Is it possible to not alert if the same text has already been sent in the past?

Meaning if monitored element on a page that says: ABC
Next check in it shows DEF.
But on the next check it shows ABC again.

Can distill not alert ABC if already alerted? This would be a big help.

Couple of quick questions about the use case:

  1. when monitored text changes to DEF, is this an expected change of was it because of an incorrectly loaded page?
  2. Is any of the value ABC or DEF fixed or could they be anything on the page?

We are building two potential solutions that can work depending on what kind of change this is.

  1. When the monitored text is a valid page state, using conditions is the solution to prevent alerts from being triggered.
  2. Sometime the page may not load correctly. As a result, the monitored text can then cause false alerts. A validation to reject the content can help in such cases.

Both of these are currently under development.

Yes this is an expected change
I am just trying to have Distill not duplicate the alerts it already alerted on.
Alert 1 - Showed Product Called “ABC”
Alert 2 - Showed Product Called “DEF”
Then Alert 3 - Showed Product Called “ABC” again

Distill is monitoring the same exact element on the page, it is just that element can change and sometime the same product may show up again and I would not like to alert/webhook it if it already saw it 2 or 3 or more changes before

Got it. It will be possible to silence the alerts for such cases in near future.