Suggestions for sites that don't fully load in the background

Hi all, I monitor retailers and I find there are broadly three types of sites:

  1. sites where the page loads completely in the background tabs. My favorite.
  2. sites where the page doesn’t load completely unless the tab is the active tab. My solution: I run them with a sticky window and click on the background tabs so that they become the active tab. I usually only have to do this once as Chrome opens the next tab in line automatically when one completes and closes.
  3. sites where the page doesn’t load completely unless the page is interacted with, i.e. scrolling down, paging down. My solution: I run these one at a time, make their tab active and hit page down before they close so all the info loads. I should set the delay longer on all these so it’s not a rush to interact with them before they close without having loaded completely.
    If there is something I could be doing better for 2 and 3 to make them require less effort, I would be very interested to hear. Thanks!
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  1. There are some pages that use page visibility api to render content. In those case, the content doesn’t render when the tab is inactive. As you have noticed, they work as soon as the tab is activated. This was one of the main reasons why build the desktop app. Page render fully even when checked in background.

  2. Could a macro with a scroll step work? For local monitors, scroll step is only supported in the desktop app. Cloud monitors support all steps that require interactions really well.

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