Start the desktop app automatically in background at Windows startup?

Hi. I recently switched to the Windows desktop app but I don’t see any features in it such as:

  • Start the app automatically with Windows
  • Run the app in background and anchor it’s icon in Windows system tray
  • Run as a service in Windows so it runs even if no one logs in

Do you plan on adding the above features to the desktop app ?

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Hello @ahmadka,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concern here.

We have a roadmap planned for developing the Desktop app further more and the first two features you mentioned are definitely in the works (and are planned to be taken upon by this year end itself), which are:

  • Launch on system startup
  • Windows tray support

As for running the app as a service, unfortunately we do not have it in our plans. It still does seems like an interesting feature. Could you please share what are the intended use cases for running the app as a Windows service?

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Hello @ahmadka

We have released an update for the Desktop app which enables tray support (for MacOS, the app now appears in the menu bar). We have also added some quick actions to the tray’s (Menu bar for MacOS) menu.

Do update to the latest app to enjoy the new features.