Sportsbook Notifications

Currently, when I monitor my sportsbook I receive alerts when new games are added or removed and when odds for games changes. How can I receive alerts only when new games are added?


One of the possibilities is to monitor fewer elements in the page so that you don’t get notified on odds changes.

What does the each row in the list contain?
Does the order of the items in the list change?

Each row contains the team, followed by the spread, total and moneyline bet numbers. One row will be for the home team and the other away team. New games are then added vertically.

So the day starts with the area blank and then games are added and taken away at the sportsbook’s discretion. The sequence order would be the constant.

I’m mainly interested in being notified when new games are added because, in the case of women’s college basketball or any sport, the best odds can be captured when a game is first released.

Screenshot 2023-12-21 11.11.25 AM

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the information @kzz100. If the sequence remains constant, it should be easy to get notified when a new game is added. The steps will be to:

  1. Select the game’s names. It is important to exclude the changing numeric values.
  2. Using a condition “added text is not empty”.

The URL showed an error page to me, so I couldn’t create a selector to only select the games’ names. Can you give it a try? Feel free to reach out if you need any help.