Somewhat of a bug in highlighted changes in Change History

The Change History in the Web Extension App is not the same as the email. The FireFox extension does not properly highlight the previous day and it uses the wrong color but it’s correct in the email notification


Or is the extension app change history only showing the new and not the old as well and that’s the reason there is no pink highlight? If so that’s a feature bug as well. Is this only showing two days of what it changed to and not what it changed from in the lower image?

Here’s a second glitch . . . it should have only highlighted the changes but it highlighted an entire week if the calendar when only one day had a change which was on the 8th.

Can you try to “Explore diff” and see if that view is close to what you get in the email? It displays a side-by-side diff. Does it look close to what you get in email notifications?

This can happen occasionally when the structure of the underlying element containing the change have changed. Can you share the URL where this change was being monitored? I will check it out.

The URL is
This is what explore diff looks like today

Thanks, will check that out. Does the explore diff view look similar to the email alerts?

I did not have email alerts action for this one.