Some webpages not working in desktop application but work in browser

get the following error now in distil application for this and all webpages similar from from this site failed to load

Changed IPs and same issue. they open in my browsers but not with distil internal browser. Always gives me this protocol error and all pages remain in error tab now? Thanks

@sigmasoftware65 thanks for reaching out and reporting the issue. I am able to load the page in the desktop app.

Can you share a screenshot of how the error is shown?

Hi, Yes after a while it fails to load and has this error

but I know when pasted into chrome, firefox or Opera it loads fine. So I suspect the cache or cookies of Distils internal browser needs to be cleaned perhaps as ive seen this happen with other sites not loading on one browser?

Got it, thanks for the information. We will offer a way to clear cookies and local storage in the desktop app too.

that would be helpful as when done on other external browsers, it seems to fix the problems generally. thanks