SMS Email Urls are getting encoded

When receiving SMS messages the url that is being sent is encoding ampersands and causing issues when trying to load the url.

Certain urls have parameters that must be added to navigate to the correct page.

If a monitor is setup for a page at then the sms message that gets sent will format the message like this

When clicking on that url the browser will load the page but the params are not accurate and causes it to load a different page or a page not specific to the url params.

Can this be changed to not encode the ampersand values?

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Thanks for reporting the issue @magicm1984. It makes sense to not encode the ampersand in URLs. We will fix this and get back to you with an update.

A fix was deployed last week. Is it working well for you now @magicm1984?

This is working great now, thank you for the quick fix.