Selection empty error

Hi guys

I am trying to set up a watchlist item for a refurbished Steam Deck - i am trying to monitor the 64gb version for when it changes from ‘out of stock’ - i am using Chrome

However i am getting below error - can anyone assist?

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@aqol45 there a few ways to configure your monitor so that a content is always found in the page.

Following post mentions the method of selecting additional elements:

But note how it was solved in the reply Long pauses when jobs are no longer available due to SELECTION_EMPTY error - #8 by urkurkl . One could select a bigger element that contains more elements that can be monitored for changes.

In your case, the easiest solution is to include the page’s title or another element in the page that is not likely to change. The page’s title can be added by adding one of the following selectors:

CSS: title
XPath: //title

Try it out and let me know if you need any help. Cheers